Do Geeks Rule the World?

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Search dominates our world.  We ask Alexa to play music and Siri to tell us the weather.  We book reservations on Open Table, find a hotel on TripAdvisor, and plan travel on Kayak. We read the headlines on Skimm and research what to buy (and not to buy) on Amazon.  We search trends on YouTube […] mascot

Launching a Webinar Series established the online recruitment category and was the leader for many years. During my tenure at Monster, we established a thought leadership webinar series for customers to help maintain our leadership position. In one year, we had over 10,000 customers and recruiters register to attend these events. Email invitations Emails encouraged participation in the […]

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Building a follower community

I led the launch of social platforms for GE Intelligent Platform. For three years, I worked to build social followers.  The goal was to generate awareness and drive engagement of our key messages.  We defined engagement as likes, shares, retweets, comments, post clicks, mentions and favorites. We wanted our followers to get excited and share our […]

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Teaching digital strategies to Sales During my first year at GE Intelligent Platforms, I expanded our digital footprint, creating a blog, updating and organizing a YouTube channel and posting regularly on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Our digital footprint provided value to our followers, showcased our thought leadership, and started a community. It also provided a new avenue to engage […]

Randi Alterman in chat

Do you know how to chat?

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So why is online texting, in other words chat, so different? Many sales teams have difficulty with chatting.  I’m the champion for chat at GE Digital.  Our sales team, like many other sales teams, were concerned with chatting: What if I don’t know the answer?How do I disengage if someone is not a potential lead?How can […]

Monoply dot com edition

Monopoly and predicting the future

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I was cleaning out the closet and came across this old Monopoly .com edition game. It truly was a LOL moment as I looked at the board. The weakest properties were and while the most expensive properties were excite@home and Yahoo. Maybe Parker Brothers got it backwards? I live in Massachusetts, near Route 128.  Once […]

GE Intelligent Platforms blog, established by Randi Alterman

Establishing a blog community

I led the strategy and execution of a new blog for GE Intelligent Platforms, capturing 2,000+ subscribers and attracting more than 2,200 visits a month. Background: Blogging is an excellent way to extend thought leadership and drive company awareness. Blogs also contain the messaging you think is important.  Written correctly, within a strong messaging framework, […]