Do Geeks Rule the World?

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Search dominates our world.  We ask Alexa to play music and Siri to tell us the weather.  We book reservations on Open Table, find a hotel on TripAdvisor, and plan travel on Kayak. We read the headlines on Skimm and research what to buy (and not to buy) on Amazon.  We search trends on YouTube […]

Jeff Finley, fallen tree

Is anyone there? Driving website traffic

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If a tree falls in a forrest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Is that the way you feel about your website? You poured your heart into it.  Content strategy. Design. User Experience. Engagement technologies. API Integration. Backend platforms. You worked them all. You launch.  And then,  Silence. […]

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Is Google Stealing Your Traffic?

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Remember when? Remember when the hardest part of getting your website viewed was coming up on page one in search?  Get your content on the first page of search and you were guaranteed lots of great traffic.   Don’t get me wrong. Page one of search is still THE place to be.  But it’s not the […]