The catcher, really?

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How do you look at your website? I’ve championed the website at my company for 9+ years now.  During this time, our strategy has changed, our leadership has come and gone, our parent company has reorganized, and our division has merged with other areas of the business in a game of business musical chairs. Through […]

GE industrial equipment maintenance, wind turbine

Launching the GE Digital website

GE Digital transform how industrial companies do business. Combining people, technology and advanced analytics, we accelerate digital transformation for our customers.  I led the creation of GE Digital’s first website, working across GE’s divisions with all levels of management. Background: GE created GE Digital, a move that brought together all of the digital capabilities […]

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Driving website traffic with search

Search engine optimization.  It is the dream of every digital marketer to score a top placement in search results. Analysts estimate that Google now processes more than 2 trillion searches per year.  Top spots can provide enormous traffic to websites resulting in customer engagement and revenue.  In desktop searches, only 2.8% of visitors click on […]

Transformation of GE Intelligent Platforms website led by Randi Alterman

Building a responsive website

I led the relaunch of the GE Intelligent Platforms website. deploying an innovative, responsive site that generated high visitor engagement.  The new site averaged 70,000 visitors/month,  accelerated the sales cycle, and was easy to maintain. The GE Intelligent Platforms website,, was ancient by web standards. Built on a customized platform, the site used […]

Product QuickFinder example, developed by Randi Alterman's GE team

Helping visitors help themselves

For our highly technical buyers, we developed a product finder. Visitors selected specifications to see matching products, assisting buyers and helping to accelerate sales. The profile of the GE Intelligent Platforms website visitor was very technical.  The site was visited by engineers, technical managers and technical procurement specialists.  Some of these individuals had a clear […]