My Year in Review

year in review

How can you describe 2021?  

It was a year that pushed our resiliency, showcased our creativity, and forged our determination.  I worked at home throughout the year, engaging in longer hours populated with more meetings than ever before.  But it was also a year where my colleagues and I shined, creating new business models, new ways to work together, and new ways to simply get things done.  

Highlights include:

  • Working with my SEO team in London, Wavemaker, driving a 31% increase in clicks from search due to SEO. Even with Google’s zero click-through strategy, we were able to increase our page impressions on search results pages by almost 50% and drive significant traffic to our website.
  • Working with my technical team, we migrated our full site to the next version of Drupal, implemented technical functionality for schema, and developed new approaches to increase page speed to satisfy core web vitals. And, we increased functionality helping to accelerate the sales pipeline.
  • Working with UX/UI, we developed new modules to keep the site fresh and showcase our software offerings.
  • Working with product marketers, we updated more than 50% of the website, covering thousands of pages and added almost 500 pages of new content.
  • Working with our marketing operations team, we added marketing campaign assets to increase website engagement. Visitors downloaded more than 15,000 assets during the year and flowed into nurture streams and sales queues.
  • Working with industry marketing teams, we added chat programs that helped capture more than 1,000 emails of prospects and influenced hundreds of marketing qualified leads for our inside sales teams.
It was a tough year.  But, we accepted the challenge and triumphed.  Take a look!
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