A Wonderful Day

Coming out of a global pandemic, perhaps it is time to realize every day is a wonderful day.

This past year has been a difficult one as business came to terms with working in new ways. Digital connected us as migrated to our home offices, coped with home schooling and home internet sharing, and lived with computer cameras always on.

We were stressed.  We are stressed.  We are still figuring things out.

So we spend our days heads-down in our work, cramming in family life when we can. We don’t even take a break as we jump from one project to another, tacking new ways of doing business, new strategies to reach customers, new methods to team with one another. The computer is always within reach and global time zones means it seems to ping us the moment we step away.

It’s time to take a collective breath.

We so rarely celebrate our successes as new challenges continue to arise. We are doers, pushing through our days, climbing one mountain only to find the next one not in the horizon, but a small step away.

I’d like to take a moment.  Just one moment.  I want to catch my breath. I want to say thank you. 

In my company, we have continued to build our markets and our business, supplying customers with new ways to work that help keep them moving forward.  Thank you to all the creative thinkers, product developers, and product marketers for your agility and positivity. We have met our customers’ needs and have been able to continue to even grown our business. 

We have continued our day-to-day work without a gap, meeting business needs. I champion our website. We have grown our organic traffic, implemented new engagement methods to reach prospects, and provided information to help our current customers gain more value from the software they have already purchased from us.  Thank you to my teammates and colleagues for your willingness to try new ideas, to look at things a bit differently, and to continue to simply get the job done.

We have planned for life after-COVID, leaving plenty of room for adjustments as our world continues to change.  Thank you to our office managers, internal communication leaders, and talent managers as they try new policies to reduce our stress and while keeping our spirits high.

Personally, my family has also given me space, understanding when my home office door is closed or when I just need to unwind after a difficult day. Thank you to my husband and children, and our family dog who sits on my lap day after day. You have given me unconditional love and support. Somehow my workdays have elongated, even though I have not had my 45-minute commute for more than a year now. You have been patient and have rarely complained about dinner at 8 pm.  I owe you.

I’ve had my moment of quiet. Perhaps that’s all I needed. I’m ready to take the next mountain.


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