A Memory Away

I’m a big believer in analytics.

Turn data into information and you can outsmart your competition, understand what your customers are looking for, and accelerate your business growth.  As a digital marketer, I rely on analytics to help me understand which campaigns are driving leads, what is most interesting to our website visitors, and which digital assets garner the most leads.

But sometimes, it isn’t about clicks. Sometimes it is simply about being memorable.

Web content teams spend most of their time on product information – what a product does, how well it does it, and why it is better than the competitors.  I work in high tech software where technical specifications told wrong can lose a proposal. We work on details – screen shots that show UX/UI of our software, new features and functionality that we feel our customers want and need.

Don’t get me wrong.  This information can absolutely help win business.  But I wonder: if we were better storytellers, would we be more memorable?  Would we be thought of first for short lists? Would positive reactions to our brand differentiate us from our competitors? Would customer choose to work with us over other options in the market?

Flowers for a feeling of peace, beauty

There are so many ways in digital we can imbue positive feelings that can be remembered:

  • The customer quote that is not just about dollars saved, but the grit of the team that implemented it.
  • The success story that is a real story, not a recitation of features implemented
  • The video feature that shows a son so proud of his father’s work
  • The short documentary of the all-female team that drove an implementation to the finish line in a male-dominated industry
  • The new process that resulted in recognitions, promotions, or won business.
  • The brand statement that is not only about solutions but the value they hold to help bring us one step closer to a more sustainable planet

In short, the human element, filled with emotion, passion, hardship and triumph.

We need our digital properties, our campaigns, our proposals and our presentations to include that human element, the memorable stories that will set us apart as the division we are proud to work for and the company our customers want to work with.

It is just a memory away.



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