Website 2021: A year in review

How can you describe 2021?  

It was a year that pushed our resiliency, showcased our creativity, and forged our determination.  I worked with awesome teams, all remote.  We triumphed over COVID, market shifts and business challenges. We continued to innovate our website, helping to accelerate the sales cycle and promote our business.  We added great content, updated already published pages, and supported countless campaigns to drive our business forward.  Search engine optimization helped push our results. Technical enhancements helped personalize the visitor experience. New functionality added dynamic elements.

The result was a strong boost in organic traffic, website engagement and marketing qualified leads.  I championed our website, including all content and functionality.  But it was teamwork – from product marketers, technical experts, SEOs, and marketing operations leads – that solidified our success.

Take a look at GE Digital’s website and our accomplishments in 2021.

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