Welcoming new employees

What better way to onboard new employees than with a global hello?


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Welcome to Monster.

It sounds like an easy message, but for incoming employees from an acquisition, it was a hard message to receive.

In 2010, Monster acquired HotJobs, a competitor in the US marketplace. In February of 2011, we integrated our workforce.

Workforce integration is so much more than ensuring everyone has a PC on Day One. Our internal communications teams visited all HotJobs offices and gave out little plush “Trumps,” our Monster icon.  Hallways were complete with posters of Monster’s value and customer promise. But we wanted more. We wanted a way to really show our employees welcoming this new staff.

We needed an inexpensive way to present a global welcome to our new staff members.  Prior to Acquisition Day, over 20 international offices taped welcome messages and posted to an internal site. Under my direction, KFP Media integrated these clips into one “feel good” video that was shown on Acquisition Day.

The video was so well received we modified it and incorporated it into new hire training programs.  Not only did it warmly welcome new hires to Monster, it clearly demonstrated the global nature of the firm, its culture, and the diverse nature of its workforce.

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