Launching a Webinar Series established the online recruitment category and was the leader for many years. During my tenure at Monster, we established a thought leadership webinar series for customers to help maintain our leadership position. In one year, we had over 10,000 customers and recruiters register to attend these events.

Email invitations

Emails encouraged participation in the webinars. We sent our registration and reminder messages. webinar series email

Online registration

Online registration was easy to follow and provided a great source for sales leads. Following the webinar, sales team members could discuss the topic with attendees. leadership webinar series

Webinar replays

Replays of webinar events were available for social sharing. Some attendees preferred the replays which they could watch at their convenience. leadership webinar series

I joined Monster in 2006 and immediately began working with our global research team, Monster Insights, to showcase the company’s thought leadership and knowledge of the online recruitment space. Online webinars were a new marketing tactic, but one that I was confident could help drive awareness of Monster’s in-depth knowledge of recruiting.  Working with the research team, we 

  • Identified a technical platform to host the events
  • Set up campaigns to promote the series pre- and post-event
  • Developed a content calendar drawing from our vast array of knowledge experts in and outside of the company
  • Established a format and brand for the series


How satisfied were you with the webinar you attended?
Very satisfied/Satisfied 95%
Would you attend another webinar?
Yes 95%

Goals met:

Maintained market leadership

Monster was seen as helping customers with key industry challenges such as hiring trends, workplace issues and labor market issues.

Enabled sales

Webinars provided key leads to sales as well as topics for sales conversations. Though webinars were never on products, many topics used Monster tools as examples to solve a challenge.

Generated revenue

Many webinars were sponsored by key accounts, generating revenue for the company. Sponsors received exposure on all webinar communications and were thanked during the event.