Developing brand videos

To help sales introduce Accellent, a medical device manufacturer, to prospective clients, I developed a series of brand videos.

When I joined Accellent, a leader in medical device manufacturing, the marketing materials consisted of conservative print collateral. I knew we could develop more compelling materials to compete in this high tech marketplace.

My first project was to create videos to showcase the company’s brand as well as its main products and services. I devised the strategy and role these videos would have for the organization and suggested ways to best utilize the finished product.

Then, I hunkered down, hired a film crew and interviewed the CEO and key executives. Within 2 months, I created five, 2-minute videos which could be shown independently or together. Each video had the same introduction to drive home messaging and maintain brand consistency.

The videos were played everywhere—from in-person new client meetings to the company’s reception area. They were highlighted at trade shows and focused sales efforts to promote the company’s full value proposition. They were also sent to key targets and used by Sales as an introduction to gain appointments. Feedback was exceptional and the videos were tied to new customer revenue achievement.