Digital Presence to Support Broadcast Media Campaign

All assets are created equal. Until they aren’t. GE Software creates small efficiencies that can make a big difference for  business assets. To underscore the difference software can make in asset performance management, GE embarked on a broadcast media campaign entitled “Spot the difference”. The campaign, shown on major networks during ESPN sporting events and other highly watched television programs,  showcased two images and asked the viewer to “spot the difference” between the seemingly identical images.  A sampling:

  • A train can get to its final destination if the carrier uses Trip Optimizer, a software that creates an optimal trip profile for all trains on the line.
  • A streetlight using a sensor can get lighter only when it is needed, saving cities hundreds of thousands of dollars in utility bills.
  • The oil rig is using GE software to prevent equipment failures and predict maintenance needs.
  • An airline can save 1% of its fuel costs with optimal maintenance.

To support this campaign, I worked with communicators and marketers across all of GE’s major business lines, from GE Healthcare to GE Power & Water, from GE Lighting to GE Oil& Gas, and from GE Intelligent Platforms and our manufacturing experts to GE Energy Management.  Together, I led this large team to develop copy and imagery for some amazing web pages.  In under 3 weeks, we took over the homepage of gesoftware.com with our messaging, showcasing asset performance management throughout the major markets GE operated in.

As the ads proclaimed:  GE Software. Get Connected. Get Insights. Get Optimized.