Using innovative marketing tools to promote an innovative brand

Cool Promotions to Promote Cool Products

Monster always makes a huge splash at the annual Society for Human Resources (SHRM) national trade show.  Our challenge was how to make the excitement last after the event and remind customers about our new innovative products based on our patented 6Sense search technology.

With help from our Boston agency, Brand Content, we developed a postcard with an augmented reality component.  We gave out a postcard to each individual as they left our trade show booth with instructions to go to a targeted website, enter the code from the postcard and watch our mascot, Trump, dance in 3-D.  If you won, the 3-D movie would let you know how to claim your prize.  Everyone who went to the site saw a short clip on our new search technology.

The result was a very fun, successful promotion, enhancing Monster’s image as a technology innovator and showcasing our latest technology.

Watch a video of the experience here.