Plans, programs, campaigns, projects, events and more. These samples showcase just some of my work.


Monster’s Thought Leadership Webinar Series

More than 30,000 attendees have watched and listened to Monster's online thought leadership webinar series.

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Providing Strategies to Win

An integrated marketing program on a Monster text showcased our thought leadership and squarely positioned Monster as a driving thought leader in the recruitment space.

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Reaffirming Monster’s Market Leadership

When Monster acquired Yahoo! HotJobs, our sales materials and messaging had to be bold and hard-hitting.

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SeeMoreC SuiteThumb1

Launching Monster SeeMoreTM

Sales tools for Monster's new cloud-based product had to be as innovative and cool as the product itself.

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Monster’s Online Sales Brochures

At Monster, we tailored our solutions to fit our customers’ needs. These interactive brochures provided an easy way for Sales to engage customers in various product offerings. The result: solutions tailored to meet individual customer needs.

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Monster’s New Product Portfolio

Monster Sales needed to use marketing materials that were as cool as our brand. This online product hallway, developed using Flash technology, leapfrogged our materials from paper collateral to interactive teasers.

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Welcome to Monster

It is critical that new employees are welcomed and feel part of the larger organization. This is even more vital when one company buys another and tries to integrate its workforce.

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Selling Monster’s Value

This presentation was developed for Monster.com Global Sales teams to easily explore Monster’s value with customers, providing deep dive links and multimedia sizzle.

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This Is Monster Today

Innovation is a core value at Monster.com. This video helped our Sales teams win back customers. Its theme: If you haven't spoken to me about Monster lately, you don't know Monster Today.

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Executive Visioning Workshops

Executive Visioning Workshops demanded creativity and generated excitement. These events positioned a positive future and challenged participants to develop the strategy and plans needed to achieve it.

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Business Innovation Conference

I needed to relaunch Arthur D. Little's innovation message and be top of mind with industry leaders. Our sponsorship of a Business Conference event began the relaunch with a powerful punch.

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Arthur D. Little Publicity

Publicity is a great way to gain credibility as reliable, third parties sing your praises.

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