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Marketing is exciting. Dynamic. Fun. Creative. Innovative.  Changing.

As a marketer, it is my job to prepare the stage and captivate the audience. I understand what my customers and prospects want and how my products and services will help them succeed.  I help Sales know what to say and how to say it. I provide input to new product development to meet market needs. And, I drive promotions to sail over the first bumps of new product launches.

Marketing changes continually.  Today’s environment of native ads, demand-based content, social drivers, automation, analytics, dynamic websites and mobile technology will change as we make way for tomorrow’s innovations.  Marketing is a blending of digital and human, traditional and bleeding edge–creating relevant, rich experiences to capture audiences.

With broad experience in marketing for large businesses and small divisions, I execute programs that build strong brands, create market hunger, and help Sales teams sell.  I excel in digital experiences and work in social, virtual, traditional and in-person strategies to build brand and product demand.

The idea:  Marketing, Product and Sales working together to drive results.

Marketing provides strategy and direction.  Working together with Sales, we deliver messaging and materials to help sell.  We also provide air cover through advertising, public relations and social channels to add sizzle and excitement.  And, we engage customers through in-person events and online communications.

Product discovers the right mix of new technologies powering proven solutions.  They refresh and innovate what is delivered, keeping ahead of the competition and developing new ideas to expand the solution set or enter new markets.

Sales engages customers, entices prospects and drives revenue.  They keep the brand alive with feet on the ground and real time discussions.  They provide support to current customers and act as brand champions, listening to concerns and informing marketing and product innovation.

Working together, these core teams produce winning results.

I am a marketing champion.

RandiInterviewing-largeMy thrill is to work across these functional boundaries to fuel business revenues. I’m passionate about what I do. I enjoy it. I get a charge from seeing its results. Nelson Mandela once said, “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” I believe in going for it.  Put that stake in the ground.  You can always move it later, but without setting forth, without starting out, you only go in circles.

Explore my portfolio to see just some of the many ideas and programs I built when I dared to put that stake in the ground.

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Welcome to my world.