• When Arthur D. Little’s technology division successfully demonstrated the ability to create hydrogen from gasoline to power a fuel cell under the hood of a car, we went all out with scoring publicity. The result was the birth of a new company.

  • With 60-70% of the sales cycle complete before a prospect calls you, we transformed our website to be innovative and encourage engagement.

  • When a company banks its success on innovation, sales enablers must be as cool and innovative as the products they represent.

  • After developing social channels and extending our digital footprint, it was time to train sales to use digital content and social platforms to accelerate pipeline.

  • Blogging is an excellent strategy to promote thought leadership, gain SEO, position your best thinkers as industry experts and humanize your brand. It can be fun, too.

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Experience, excitement, knowledge and passion. These traits define me and my approach to my work.


1With more than 20 years as a marketing professional, I have the experience to understand what it takes to drive a winning program, a strong team, and a market success.


2 By definition, marketing is about exciting others to perform an action—to buy, do, or believe.  It’s the excitement that makes marketing the fun place to be, where the journey is a thrill ride and the stops along the way simply encourage you to accelerate.


3 I began my career in public relations in a NYC agency.  I’ve worked for big brands and small divisions–trying new ideas or building winning programs.  The secret to success: lead from knowledge and integrate innovative ideas from those around you.


4 I’ve been told countless times that my passion is contagious and my teams envied. I spend way too much time working to not enjoy what I do or who I do it with. Life—both work and home—are to be lived to their fullest.